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UT2007 on PC first, not PS3

So says Epic producer.

An Epic Games producer has denied claims originating in a US PlayStation magazine that Unreal Tournament 2007 will be a PlayStation 3 launch title. The game will first appear on the PC, he said.

The original claim came to light just before Christmas when copies of US PlayStation Magazine began to circulate. The mag reportedly said that the game would be ready for the launch of Sony's next-generation games console in spring (if indeed it does turn up in spring etc. etc.).

However, speaking in a thread on Atari's community forums on Saturday, producer Jeff Morris (nickname War_Tourist) said the game would be released on "PC first", adding, "We're not scheduled to be a ps3 launch title, not certain where those news sites are getting that from. There will be a pre-release demo (on the PC at least)."

You can expect to see plenty of Unreal Engine 3 content on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, mind you, with a number of games already confirmed.