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Eidos investigates Lava Kroft

No, not a typo.

Eidos has revealed to our sister site,, that it is currently considering whether or not to take legal action over Lava Kroft - a new game from Singaporean publisher Ozura Mobile.

"The game first came to our attention yesterday evening," a spokesperson said.

"We have contacted our legal department and brand team who are currently investigating the matter."

Ozura is billing the game as an "epic action adventure" which stars Lava Kroft, "a new age woman who has an exceptional thirst for discovering some of the most intriguing and mystical treasures in the world". Not unlike, it could be argued, our old friend Lara Croft, star of Eidos's Tomb Raider games.

Apparently Lava suffers from constant internal struggles and is often consumed by her "addiction to danger, myth and man". But what woman isn't. Gameplay revolves around directing lava flows and sealing a series of volcanos.

According to Ozura's VP of marketing, H.E. Mah, "The game consists of appealing storyline and [a] distinctive gaming atmosphere." Lava Kroft is due to be made available for a wide range of handsets around the globe.

Eidos has yet to make a decision on whether or not Lava Kroft is in breach of copyright, and therefore whether or not legal action will be taken.

Ozura has yet to announce its other forthcoming titles, Bonkey Dong and Sonny the Hedgehog, because we just made them up.