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Full Auto turns to PlayStation 3

Sequel to be PS3 exclusive.

The vehicular combat of Pseudo Interactive's Full Auto is to return this E3 - but to PlayStation 3 rather than Xbox 360.

That's because SEGA's just announced Full Auto 2: Battlelines, exclusive to the PS3, retaining the original game's time-rewind "Unwreck" feature and adding lots of new vehicles, weapons, tracks and multiplayer modes.

Pseudo and SEGA are playing up the way track conditions will change dynamically. In Full Auto 1, players could cause a lot of destruction, sometimes messing things up for those following behind; in Full Auto 2, SEGA reckons it's or paramount import.

"The destructible environments in Full Auto 2: Battlelines are both stunning and strategic, especially in multiplayer combat," says SEGA's Scott Steinberg.

In terms of vital stats, SEGA says Full Auto 2 will features 25 vehicles, 20 plus weapons, multiple paint schemes and wheel styles (so, upgrades), and more than 20 race tracks. Online, multiplayer modes include team-play, deathmatch and assault variants.

We should be able to bring you more on the game during E3, although there's no word on when it's due out. Those with short memories can find our review of the Xbox 360 original elsewhere on the site.