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Full Auto 2 bombs onto PSP

With lots of new stuff in it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It turns out that PS3 launch title Full Auto 2: Battlelines isn't exclusive to Sony's next-gen console after all. Shock! Horror! But quieten down, Sony folk, because they're just doing a PSP version as well.

Developed by Deep Fried Entertainment, the handheld version puts you behind the wheel of gun-toting cars zooming through a range of environments using the series' unique "unwreck" feature to rewind time when you smash into things.

There's a new 56-event single-player mode that promises to take you through three PSP-exclusive districts of point-to-point and circuit races and arenas levels where you have to blow up the competitions with grenade launchers, mortars, guided missiles and so on. You'll also be able to tackle your friends in ad-hoc wireless modes.

Expect more than 15 of the tracks and 15 of the cars to be specific to PSP, says SEGA, and also look out for the sort of real-time physics you didn't think could be done at full speed on the humble PSP.

There's no word yet on when Full Auto 2 will materialise on PSP, but you can check out some early screenshots elsewhere on the site. And look out for our review of the PS3 version, which launches alongside the US PS3 on 17th November, in due course.

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