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Destruction Derby for PS3 Store

Emulated PSone title today. Full Auto 2 demo due as well.

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Sony has another pair of downloadables hoping to drive interest in the PS3 Store today, with a demo of Full Auto 2: Battlelines and a downloadable version of PSone title Destruction Derby due to appear. Wasn't it clever how we used the word "drive"? We're real pros.

Neither's actually shown up on the Store at the time of writing, sadly, but we're obviously more interested in the latter. Destruction Derby, Psygnosis and Reflections' PSone title, was the original car masher for the format, and the ability to grab it for US$ 5.99, download it to our PSP Memory Sticks and port it around is quite welcome.

Full Auto 2, while we've yet to review it, hasn't been smashing US records quite as much as developer Pseudo Interactive probably hoped, but still sounds like a solid improvement on its moderately enjoyable Xbox 360-exclusive predecessor. Interested parties will also be happy to learn that it forms part of the PS3's 23rd March European launch line-up - a mountain of software that Sony insists ought to be available on day one.

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