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New PSP firmware

LocationFree activated.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's introduced new firmware for the PlayStation Portable adding the facility to download demos straight to Memory Stick, and a TV service button to the system menu - handy since LocationFree TV launched in the UK today.

LFTV enables you to pipe video content from your home, over the internet, to portable devices like laptops and the PSP. You'll need a LocationFree Basestation to do this (the one on Sony's site today retails for, er, £350), and around 300Kbps upstream on your broadband connection.

Using Sony's So-net download service, you'll be able to access a mixture of free and paid-for video content. The firmware also corrects a problem with video output from LFTV.

Currently the 2.71 update is only available in Japanese (I mean, it may be out on but I can't find it and I haven't got all day for goodness sake), but expect that to change when, you know, they release the other ones. Logically.

Ooh, and if you're especially bored, you can log onto the Japanese site for Kazuo and download a trial version of that - although bear in mind it's just the Japanese version of Sumo Digital's Go! Sudoku.

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