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WarioWare Twists to Sept

"Localisation issues."

The European release of stupendously splendid GBA title WarioWare Twisted has been put back to September, Nintendo's UK office told Eurogamer this week.

With the release date originally planned for this Friday, we were hoping to procure our review copy in time for launch but were told by Nintendo's UK PR manager Robert Saunders: "Wario Twisted is now out in September due to localisation issues in Europe".

While we're used to the dreaded translation headaches holding up Nintendo games, the game did recently get a US release, so English speaking gamers might be well advised to speak to their friendly neighbourhood importer and avoid having to wait another three months to get their hands on what is undoubtedly one of the finest handheld games you'll ever play.

Much like the previous madcap WarioWare titles it's another couple of hundred mini-games to wade through, only this time featuring probably the best use of a motion sensor in a game.

Don't believe us? Then have a quick read of what young Thomas made of the Japanese version when we imported that, ooooh, way back. Hnar.