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Atari unveils Peter Pan GBA title

Already out in the States.

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Atari has announced the US release of the preposterously named Peter Pan: The Motion Picture Event for Game Boy Advance, aiming to latch onto the success of PJ Hogan's dramatic retelling of the classic story of a boy who never grew up.

Aimed squarely at kids, the Peter Pan game puts players in the role of the hero, solving puzzles, collecting items and tussling with enemies. As you'd imagine the game follows the story closely and sees Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys going at it with Captain Hook and the Pirates. Whether players will get to relive some of the extraordinary aerial combat from the big screen remains to be seen, but there will apparently be plenty of flying to look forward to, which is promising.

Developed by Saffire, Inc., the Peter Pan game is already available in the US - where it was released to coincide with the film's December 25th opening - but there's no sign of it on the webpages of UK retailers as yet. We'll let you know if and when it pops up.

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