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Hunt Pokémon at cinemas

Now you can get them all at VUE.

Nintendo is giving you the chance to get your virtual hands on the exclusive and elusive Deoxys Pokémon, via its nationwide cinema-driven promotion.

The official Hunt for Deoxys Download event allows fans of Pokémon Leaf Green/Fire Red to enter the previously inaccessible part of the game called Birth Island, and hunt the Deoxys down like dogs, or something.

So, this October and November, you can head on down to your local VUE cinema, access an event terminal and download special Aurora Tickets to your copy of Leaf Green/Fire Red, opening up your chance to get the hidden 386th Pokémon. Take in mind you'll need a Game Boy Advance Wireless Adaptor (and naturally the Game Boy Advance too) to get the ticket.

Also, you'll need to prepare your version of the game for the download, by playing and going into a Pokémon Mart, entering the memo "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Once you've saved and restarted the game, you'll gain a Wonder Card. With the Wonder Card, you'll be all set for your Aurora Ticket.

On top of all this, Nintendo is also running a special prize hunt, where you can win a number of goodies, including a family holiday, copies of the game (presumably Pokémon Emerald, which is due October 21st), and Game Boy Advance SPs.

To be eligible, you have to find and collect four hidden letters in locations hinted at via Jetix and postcards littered around 1,000 schools across the UK.

The Hunt for Deoxys Download event kicks off at the following VUE cinemas, for two days each only: Croydon Grants - October 8th and 9th, Cheshire Oaks - October 15th and 16th, North Finchley - October 22nd and 23rd, Leeds - October 25th and 26thLeicester - October 27th and 28th, Birmingham - October 29th and 30th, and Bristol Cribbs - November 5th and 6th.

Each VUE Pokémon section will feature four zones: The Trading Card Zone, for up-to eight players wishing to try their luck at the trading card game; The Preview Zone, to playtest Pokémon Emerald; The Battle Zone, to catch a sneak preview of the forthcoming GameCube Pokémon XD (due in November); and The Deoxys Download Station, which is the place to get your Aurora Ticket.