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Atari dates PC range for Europe

Seven titles ready for run up to Christmas, plus Driv3r if it makes it...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari has confirmed this morning its plans for its PC line up for the remainder of the year, with no fewer than seven titles pencilled in for the run up to Christmas.

Kicking off this Friday - wait for it - it has Asterix And Obelix ready for release, followed by Chris Sawyer's Locomotion on September 10th.

Moving into October we have Shadow Ops: Red Mercury on the 8th, with Trivial Pursuit Unhinged making its deranged debut on the same day.

After that we’ve got Axis & Allies on bonfire night, November 5th, as well as Rollercoaster Tycoon III on the same day, with Sid Meier's Pirates entering the fray two weeks later on November 19th. The PC version of Driv3r has thus far not been given a confirmed date, but it appears Atari will have it ready for a late 2004 release.

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