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Resurrection of Evil for Xbox confirmed at Quakecon

No need to own Doom III, either.

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This year's QuakeCon has already thrown-up some juicy information before it's even started, with DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil being confirmed as coming to the Xbox.

The expansion pack was previously rumoured to be coming to Microsoft's console later this year, although Activision was saving an official announcement for its annual id Software driven event.

Unlike the PC version, Xbox owners won't require the original DOOM 3 disc to play Resurrection of Evil, which hosts a wealth of new single-player levels, weapons and monsters. We thought it was well worth the money when the PC iteration was released earlier this year, so expect more information on a launch date as soon as Activision confirms one for us.

Regarding the development duties, it is expected that Vicarious Visions will once again be tasked with converting it; hardly surprising given what a good job the studio did at squeezing the monster PC game into the confines of the Xbox.

QuakeCon runs from August 11th – 14th, in Texas.

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