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Band Brothers expands

Ninty unsure on Euro release

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo is to expand DS title Band Brothers – to be renamed Jam With The Band in America later this year – with a GBA cartridge to include extra songs.

The expansion, so far named Band Brothers Zouka Kyoku Cartridge ("Band Brothers Additional Song Cartridge") will fit into the GBA cartridge slot on the DS, so you’ll need both the original DS title and the GBA expansion inserted into the console to enjoy all the content.

Well, you will assuming Nintendo actually releases Band Brothers in Europe. Speaking to Eurogamer yesterday, a Nintendo spokesperson said plans to ship the game here are “TBC.”

But while you wait for Nintendo to make up its mind, head over to the company’s Japanese website and let it know what tracks you’d like included in the expansion. You never know; you may get to play them some day.

Band Brothers is a DS-only rhythm action title in which players tap the machine’s touch-screen in time to various instruments rolling along the upper screen in time-honoured Bemani style. The game offers multiplayer via DS’s wireless link, whereby different players can take on different instruments in the same song.

Sounds funky. We’ll have more news on a European release for the title and its expansion soon.

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