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Jam with the Band

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Nintendo of Europe has received plenty of stick in the past over interminable delays to PAL releases and other titles never getting a release on these shores. In recent years, things have changed a bit: we got Mario Kart Wii a day after Japan and two weeks before anyone else in the world. US gamers, meanwhile, harrumph in Reggie Fils-Aime's general direction over the non-appearance of niche titles like Disaster: Day of Crisis and Another Code: R.

But even by NOE's recent standards, the sudden reappearance of rhythm-actioner Jam with the Band after five years in the gaming wilderness is a genuine surprise. Originally set for a western release during the DS' launch window way back in 2005 - and demonstrated enthusiastically by Nintendo at the time - the game, known in Japan as Daigasso! Band Brothers, wound up playing only to a home crowd.

Packaged with a set of cheap, tinny earphones, it was a minor hit in the East, and was eventually succeeded by the DX version three years later, which has since gone on to shift over half a million units. As it's this version Jam with the Band is based on, pedants may wish to note that we've technically only had to wait a little under two years, the original having seemingly disappeared into the digital ether.

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Band Brothers expands

Ninty unsure on Euro release

Nintendo is to expand DS title Band Brothers to be renamed Jam With The Band in America later this year with a GBA cartridge to include extra songs.