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New Lunar title lands on DS

Ubisoft to publish first in 10 years.

The first title in the Lunar RPG series in ten years has been signed by Ubisoft, and is set to come exclusively to the Nintendo DS.

While we await confirmation of the game's appearance in Europe, Ubisoft's San Francisco office revealed that Lunar: Dragon Song will be released in North America in September and will take place 1000 years before the first game in the series, Lunar: The Silver Star.

"The world of Lunar is at peace under the protection of the goddess Althena, creator of Lunar," Ubisoft's press release states. "At the fringes of this peaceful existence, vicious demons have started to slowly invade, and there are few with power enough to know how to deal with this demon invasion.

"Players experience the world of Lunar as the human boy, Jian, and his group of friends. Jian's story begins simply but quickly evolves as he and his friends unravel the evil plot being laid against Althena and discover that they alone can save Lunar from the forces of evil," the statement concluded.

The features are said to include a new Light & Dark enemy system, where players must battle the forces of evil by transforming Dark enemy creatures into Beings of Light.

New characters to look forward to include Jian, Gabryel, Lucia, Flora and Rufus, while a new Battle Card system allow players to alter the abilities and powers of members in your party.

In addition Lunar fans can look forward to all-new weapons and items "never seen before in any Lunar title," not to mention Wireless LAN connectivity, allowing players to share rare and unique items within the Lunar world and DS microphone support that allows player to holler orders into the mic. Neat.

The game is being developed by Japan Art Media (JAM), in conjunction with GameArts.

Check back for confirmation on Ubisoft's European plans for the title soon.