Lunar: Dragon Song

Lunar: Dragon Song

Lunar: Dragon Song

What were you expecting? The moon on a stick?

Hello Doctor. *Huff* No, no, don't get up. *Puff* Yes, I did run here. *Wheeze* Strange, I feel slightly weaker now. Anyway, the usual spot, OK? Right, I'll set myself down here then.

What's that? Ah! Yes, of course. The problem this time:

It's been 11 years since the last Lunar game was released on the Sega CD. The first two games in the series were sweet, simple, straightforward Japanese RPGs, which won many hearts but few minds with their sweet, basic but solid mechanics and wistful but endearing storytelling. Now, 11 years is a long break between any series' instalments, yes? You might say a startlingly long time to make just a few improvements, no? A tweak here, a tweak there, just to stay abreast of genre developments which inch forward with all the grim determination of a tectonic plate, yes? OK, OK I'll get to the point.

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New Lunar title lands on DS

Ubisoft to publish first in 10 years.

The first title in the Lunar RPG series in ten years has been signed by Ubisoft, and is set to come exclusively to the Nintendo DS.