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Katamari Damacy sequel on the cards

Let's hope we get the first one though, eh Namco? Eh? Eh?

Cult Japanese classic Katamari Damacy is to get the sequel treatment according to Japanese newswire Nikkei.

The follow up to Namco's bizarre but loveable ball rolling oddity will be released in Japan on the PS2 before the end of the year, the report says.

Interestingly, the title has reportedly sold rather well in its native Japan, with figures of over 100,000 quoted, raising hopes that PAL gamers will see the game released on these shores - although it's more than likely a name change will be in order to make the game more sellable to otherwise clueless punters, blissfully unaware of its undoubted charms.

For those of you thus far in the dark over this frankly bonkers piece of entertainment, it involves the player rolling a ball around a landscape and picking up everything you find, growing from insignificant objects to entire buildings. Oddball indeed.

What a sequel would add to the equation is open to speculation at the moment, but frankly we'd be more than grateful for the original to make it out here before we get too excited about a sequel. In the meantime, check out your local gaming importer for the oddest thing to happen to gaming since Vib Ribbon.

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