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New SWTOR expansion brings 12vs12 dogfighting

Bulls***! You can be mine.

A new Star Wars: The Old Republic digital expansion - Galactic Starfighter - has been unveiled and it brings 12vs12 spaceship dogfighting to the MMO.

Starfighters - your spaceships - can play various roles such as Gunship and Scout, and can be upgraded as you play and earn new weapons, powers and abilities. Paint jobs, pilot suits and titles can be unlocked for customisation purposes 'n all.

There are different space-battle gameplay modes and a variety of battle locations to zoom through. You can even earn XP for your character on the ground by flying around and pew-pewing things.

If you're a SWTOR subscriber you can play from 3rd December; if you have Preferred status you can play from 14th January; and if you're a bog standard free-to-play member you can play from 4th February.

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