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New release date for Haze

Out this year. Apparently.

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Ubisoft has said that Haze will be out this year on PS3 - 14th December if you're asking.

A slightly baffling choice - mid-December releases have a sketchy track record, although it perhaps demonstrates that Free Radical is working down to the wire to launch it this side of Christmas.

There is also no sign of the 360 or PC offerings (if they exist, etc and so forth), although we expect them to show up on the schedule in 2008 - maybe lending extra significance in releasing the 'lead platform' version this year.

Haze is a first-person shooter with squad elements and four-player co-operative play. The idea is that you are an ex-member of a global military company that outsources its soldiers, and also uses a powerful drug called Nectar to keep itself on top of the market.

Key to differentiating Haze from the FPS pack is how you exploit the effects of Nectar with your rebel forces. For instance, soldiers high on the drug will become arrogant and ignore you playing dead, or you can simply sever their feed-tubes so they overdose and start killing each other.

It is an interesting premise and one David Doak has previously used to describe the title as a "thinking man's game".

Pop over to our Haze gamepage to make your own mind up.

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