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New PSP Monster Hunter for Europe

The one that's winning Japan.

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Capcom finally plans on bringing phenomenally successful PSP game Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to Europe.

The game's due to arrive here in the spring, and under the new name of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

The obvious hope will be recreating the Monster Hunter sales story from Japan, where 2nd G has shipped over 2.4 million copies since the beginning of the year.

This has helped the PSP become the best selling platform in Japan of 2008.

The idea in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is to find a beast and then kill it, all in an action RPG manner. There's more than 500 hours of this, and thousands of items of loot on offer.

But the real draw comes from Wi-Fi multiplayer, where groups of four can venture out and tackle the biggest bosses on offer.

This feature has been received so well in Japan that MHFU will be the first PSP game to use the new ad-hoc online multiplayer via PS3 service, which launches over there on 30th October.

The thing is, previous Monster Hunter games have always struggled over here, despite decent reviews. Perhaps we're just not sociable enough.

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