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New PAL Releases Roundup

FIFA, Phoenix Wright 3, dregs.

Did you know that FIFA 08 sold over 1.4 million copies last year in the UK alone? It was the biggest-selling multiformat game, even eclipsing Brain Training and Call of Duty 4. As of this week - just over a year since its release in the last days of September 2007 - it's 36th in Chart-Track's All Formats Top 40. Anyway, we're big fans of the new one, but no, we don't know what "Let's FIFA 09" is all about. Although we do like the pitch-side translations around the globe. ECHATE UN FIFA 09!

Anyway, the arrival of FIFA is a sure sign that it's nearly home-time for the games industry after a long year at the office, but this week's relative dearth of exciting new releases is of course more to do with the end of the third quarter on Sunday, which is also why last Friday was so rammed. One SKU that slipped was Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway on the PC, but PC owners who want to shoot authentic picket fences will have to wait another week for that after it slipped again, according to Ubisoft's latest release schedule.

Another game shipping after a delay is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials & Tribulations, which originally came out before the World War that Brothers in Arms is based on, and now arrives in Europe just in time for nobody to notice. Particularly since Apollo Justice - its sequel - came out in May. We don't understand.

Elsewhere, Earthworm Jim and Mega Man 9 are our personal highlights on the download services - the latter arriving on Xbox Live a week after its PSN debut - although we're more likely to be playing FIFA online after work in all honesty, so those of you lucky/bored enough to have our PSN IDs and Gamertags, feel free to sling us invites.

This week in shops:

  • Dancing Stage SuperNOVA 2 (PS2)
  • Dancing Stage Universe 2 (Xbox 360)
  • FIFA 09 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PC, DS, PSP)
  • Maths Made Simple (DS)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials & Tribulations (DS)
  • Prey the Stars (DS)
  • TNA Impact (Wii)
  • Zubo (DS)

This week online:

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