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New PAL Releases Roundup - 10/07/09

Best bundle ever, Trine, Conduit, more.

Oh July, you tease! There we were, all down in the dumps about having sod all to write about or buy for weeks, and then you go and conjure up several passably interesting products within the space of a few days. We knew you had it in you!

First up, there's Battlefield 1943, or at least there is if you can log onto a server to play it. Once you do penetrate the dense fog of infrastructural incompetence hanging above the flourishing Pacific islands of DICE's latest reboot, however, I'm assured by everyone in the office it's excellent. Just how excellent is something the review, going up shortly, will hopefully explain. Why else do we pay these people.

There's also Trine! A lovely little indie platform puzzle game involving a wizard, interchangeable characters and hidden areas, among very pretty visuals indeed. Check out our 8/10 review for more details.

Or, if you can't be bothered to go outside, there's always the 7/10-scoring first new Monkey Island chapter. Sadly things haven't gone so well for The Conduit, as explained in today's review, but Wii owners in desperate need of a shooter are at least served by one of the best FPS control schemes, not just on Wii, but anywhere.

Finally, those of you happy to content yourselves with pleasures of the past may have the opportunity to fill in two whopping 10/10-shaped holes today, with the release of the Oblivion and BioShock Double Pack. If you haven't played either of those games, well, see you in a month. You're going to have a good one.

In shops:

  • Guitar Hero World Tour (PC)
  • Oblivion and BioShock Double Pack (PC, Xbox 360)
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2009 (PC, PSP)
  • The Conduit (Wii)
  • Trine (PC)


  • 5 Spots Party (WiiWare)
  • Archer Maclean's Mercury (PSN PSP download)
  • Art Style: Boxlife (DSiWare)
  • Battlefield 1943 (PSN, Xbox Live Arcade)
  • Bomberman '94 (Wii Virtual Console - Turbografx)
  • Championship Manager 2006 (PSN PSP download)
  • Final Armada (PSN PSP download)
  • Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory (WiiWare)
  • King of Pool (PSN PSP download)
  • Little Britain (PSN PSP download)
  • Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal (PC)
  • Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II (Wii Virtual Console - NES)

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