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New FPS will also be film, comic

Blacklight snapped up for franchising.

In a furious bout of middle-fingering to the face of the credit crunch, developer Zombie has announced that its forthcoming strategic FPS title Blacklight will also be turned into a film and a comic book series.

Kotaku reports that the idea was originally just to produce the game, but media brokerage company Union reckoned that they saw the potential for a film based around the game's universe too. They sold the IP rights to Fox Atomic, who will now be overseeing the game, film and comic book adaptations.

In fact, it was the revelation of this deal which lead to the game's actual announcement, much in the same way that Dante's Inferno was hastily unveiled following the news of the film's production.

The game itself is a near-future affair, with the usual men-in-helmets, dropships and ravaged urban environments which the future always seems to hold. It's set in a mythical city in Kajikistan, which, along with the fact that Zombie also made America's Army (and Saw), makes us believe it'll probably be the good old US army pulling the world's collective arse out of the fire again.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, we'd just like to see a game where an international terrorist/anarchist/improbably crazed minority plot is foiled by a team of Belgian chess enthusiasts. Just once.

No dates have been announced for any of the productions just yet, and the best information suggests that the game will be 'multiplatform'. More details as we get them.

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