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New Final Fantasy DS game revealed

Four Warriors of Light for autumn.

Square Enix is working on a brand new and original Final Fantasy game for DS that will be released in Japan this autumn.

Japanese magazine Weekly Jump got the jump on the announcement, according to a translation by IGN - spoiling a Square Enix teaser site countdown that now ticks on in vain.

Dubbed Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden (translated from Hikari no Yon Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden), the game follows a 14-year old boy whose birthday is ruined when the King summons him to rescue his daughter from a witch.

His adventure plays out in typical party-of-four, plenty-of-menus fashion - although one where mana (or magic) points have been replaced by a Charge command.

Customisation will play a more important role, as equipment changes are reflected by the appearance of your character - a mechanic JRPGs usually forego.

FFXII and FF Tactics character designer Akihiro Yoshida will work on the game.

There's no word on release plans for Europe.