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New Europa Universalis in 2008

Hardcore strategy goes Rome.

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Paradox Interactive has revealed that the next instalment in the Europa Universalis will be available in the second quarter of 2008.

It will focus on the formation of the Roman Empire, beginning with the first Punic war in 264 BC and ending around the time Julius Caesar took up his dictatorial post in 44 BC.

The big changes for Europa Universalis: Rome will be improved visuals now in futuristic 3D, as well as a renewed focus on areas like religion and diplomacy. You'll also be able to lead one of around 50 playable and historically accurate nations to European conquest - Smurfs are out, then.

"Europa Universalis: Rome combines the best of the Empire Building, Conquest and Warfare genres, wrapped into a title that contains all main characteristics of a typical Paradox Interactive game", said Johan Andersson, head development honcho.

"This project has the potential to become the most talked about grand strategy game to date."

Europa Universalis III was released here earlier this year, and earned a solid recommendation from us for its incredibly deep if initially unapproachable gameplay.

Head over to our Europa Unversalis III review to find out more.

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