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Huge multiplayer for EU: Rome

Take on 31 friends. Buy them.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Paradox Interactive has revealed that Europa Universalis: Rome will support up to 32 of you online.

Each of you will be able to pick from one of 53 factions based around 10 different cultures like Roman, Celtic, Greek and Egyptian, and then battle for dominance of Europe on a big Risk-like map - which is now in fancy 3D.

Europa Universalis: Rome is like Total War but without the commander battle-bit, and is based around the formation of the Roman Empire in the years 280 - 27 B.C.

To be successful you will have to develop your key characters and their traits so you can successfully trade, negotiate or face-kill your neighbours. Researching new technology for your settlements and making lots of money is obviously on the cards, too.

The series is known for its complexity and freedom of choice, but Paradox has said it is working hard to offer more hand-holding features this time for newcomers.

Paradox has also told us that consoles segmenting the market has helped its niche titles find success - quite the opposite of the PC decline observers have been lamenting.

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