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New Apex Legends trailer gives another blast of Maggie ahead of Season 12 launch

Defiance starts 8th February.

Apex Legends' 12th season, titled Defiance, is almost upon, and developer Respawn Entertainment's usual pre-release stampede continues this week with a new Defiance launch trailer, showcasing a little more of new hero Mad Maggie and teasing things to come.

Maggie was, of course, confirmed as Season 12's new hero earlier this week in her very own Stories from the Outlands animated introduction, and Respawn's new launch trailer picks up pretty much right where that left off, with Maggie being flown into the Apex Games, as decreed during her trial. From there, it's as chaotic as ever, with Maggie showing an unsuspecting solider what for, and, eventually, having a brief reunion with Fuse - who fans might recall was a long-time friend until a disagreement that left Fuse minus one arm.

Notably, the trailer also sheds some light on Respawn Entertainment's previous assertion that Season 12 would give Apex Legends' Olympus map a "new view"; as its action unfolds, we see the entirety of Olympus warped away from its usual home to a decidedly less serene locale. Oh, and courtesy of Maggie, very large bits are falling off it too.

Apex Legends: Defiance Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Alongside Maggie's arrival, Season 12 will introduce Control, a new 9v9 limited-time mode that'll run for the first three weeks of the season, plus a new Battle Pass, a new Ranked season, and more. Additionally, Season 12 falls just after Apex Legends' third birthday, and Respawn has announced a series of celebratory giveaways for the occasion.

Players that hop into the game from 8th-15th February will permanently unlock Octane, plus three Thematic packs, and playing from 15th-22nd February will permanently unlock Wattson and another three Thematic packs. Finally, Valkyrie, plus three more Thematic packs and one Legendary pack, will be permanently unlocked from 22nd February to 1st March.

Respawn notes those players who've already unlocked the aforementioned heroes will still get the Thematic and Legendary packs by logging in at the appropriate times.

Apex Legends: Defiance arrives on 8th February.

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