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New 360 Wi-Fi adapter priced, dated

£59 for 802.11n support.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Update: Microsoft has told Eurogamer that the new adapter will launch in the UK on 20th November priced £59.99.

Original Story: Microsoft has announced that the new Xbox 360 wireless adapter will go on sale in the US this week for $99.99.

The new adapter is a dual-antenna effort which supports the 802.11a/b/g standards and the new, faster 802.11n.

The latter will be necessary for anybody who hopes to stream 1080p videos over the Zune Marketplace when that launches.

We've asked Microsoft UK for news on a local release date and pricing, but have yet to hear back. The new adapter is currently not listed by UK e-tailers.

Wondering what it looks like? Cast your eyes a few inches downward.

Bigger, faster, hopefully not pricier.

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