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Netflix increases monthly price of its subscription, despite influx of subscribers

Ad-free 4K viewing will cost £17.99 per month.

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Image credit: Netflix

Netflix is increasing the monthly cost of its subscription, despite an influx of subscribers over the past few months.

In the UK, its basic service with adverts will rise to £7.99, while the premium ad-free option will rise to £17.99. The standard tier (no ads, but also no 4K) will remain at £10.99. American and French customers will also be affected.

That's despite an increase of 8.8 million subscribers from July to September, reports the BBC.

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The streaming giant recently amended its pricing to prevent subscriptions being shared. Now an extra fee is charged to have more than one household on the same account - £5 per extra user.

This has been the main drive towards the increase in subscribers. According to Netflix, about 30 percent of sign-ups have been for the cheaper basic plan (with adverts) where it's available.

Of course, all Netflix subscriptions also provide access to mobile gaming through its app, which has some great games worthy of your time.

Netflix is also looking to expand its gaming service in the future. It reportedly had discussions about licensing a Grand Theft Auto game among other higher-end titles.

Last month it also rolled out a limited beta test to stream games via a TV.

As for gaming TV shows, we recently got a first look at the forthcoming Tomb Raider anime, as well as the Devil May Cry series.

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