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Namco picks Easy Piano for November

Comes with DS keyboard peripheral.

Namco Bandai Partners has picked up the European rights to DS game Easy Piano, which it plans to release in November.

Brilliantly, the game comes with a keyboard peripheral, and the idea - like Guitar Hero - is to play along with well-known songs.

Past masters Mozart and Beethoven feature, as do modern maestros such as Queen ("Bohemian Rhapsody") and The Police ("Every Breath You Take"). And there are around 40 songs in total.

Get bored of those and you compose your own, using the full three-octave scale and three minutes of recording time. Left- and right-hand parts can be recorded separately, if you care.

And, being educational at heart, Easy Piano comes with 10 lessons to help unravel the secrets of the instrument.

Head over to our Easy Piano gallery for some pictures. We're quavering with anticipation.

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