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Namco Bandai unveils God Eater on PSP

Not at all like Monster Hunter.

Namco Bandai has unveiled a PSP alternative to Monster Hunter called God Eater, which will be released in Japan this autumn.

Like Capcom's game, God Eater has up to four friends battling together against increasing Goliath enemies either online or locally - sucking the life-force from them to power up their own weapons and armour. One shot shows a weapon shaped like a dragon's head, mouth and teeth and all.

The story takes place in a future world where divine creatures have suddenly decided to invade, leaving the God Eaters as the last line of defence.

There are no Western dates for God Eater yet.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and if the Japanese public bite as they have with Monster Hunter, then monstrous sales await. Head over to our Monster Hunter Freedom Unite review to find out why.