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Enhanced Western God Eater for 2011

Burst mode, extra missions, more.

Namco Bandai's PSP Monster Hunter clone, God Eater, will be released in the West next year.

Here we'll know it as God Eater Burst, a name that signifies the enhancements made since the game launched in Japan this February passed.

You're getting twice the number of missions as well as customisable bullets and a Burst Mode to boosts stats and offer special bullets.

That's as far as the specifics stretch but, all-in-all, we're promised a version "loaded with modifications, gameplay improvements and additional features".

God Eater allows four people to team up and fight big monsters for loot. You'll be able to join the AI should friends not be around or use adhocParty to meet and adventure with other people online.

Namco Bandai appears to have enjoyed a pinch of Monster Hunter's success over in Japan. God Eater apparently shifted over 500,000 units in three weeks.

Deep fried angel wings.

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