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GP2X gets first major game

A bloody 3D crime caper.

The first commercially developed game for the GP2X is Payback, a "bloody crime caper" that originally appeared on the GBA back in 2004.

The game features top-down action accross 11 cities and 50 missions, with updated 3D graphics, sound, and special effects. There's a custom jukebox mode that will allow players to dictate their own soundtrack, and it'll cost you just GBP 22.99 from the GP2X website.

Sound familiar? GP32/2x Distribution's MD Craig Rothwell is keen to highlight Payback's individuality, saying, "This game is a must have for every GP2X owner. Payback isn't just another GTA; the player must use his imagination to navigate the shifting tides of allegiance and the fully open environments to achieve a variety of goals."

The GP2X is a Linux based handheld console that plays games, movies, and music. Its open architecture allows users to develop and run their own software such as emulators like MAME. You can find out more on the GP2X website.