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Mythos open beta dates announced

Diablo-alike hack-and-slash MMO.

The open beta for hack-and-slash MMO Mythos will begin on 12th April.

The level cap will be raised from 27 (closed beta) to 50 (open beta). That means you can now get your first look at the game's third zone, Umbral Peaks.

Mythos was originally created by Hellgate developer Flagship. Once that studio imploded, most of the Mythos team zipped off to establish Runic Games, now responsible for acclaimed action RPG Torchlight.

Korean company HanbitSoft rescued Mythos from the sinking Flagship.

Mythos carries many similarities to Torchlight, then, and both games descend from Blizzard's Diablo series - projects most of the Flagship/Runic team helped originally create.

Mythos will apparently launch in full "early" this year. There are randomly-generated dungeons and items; there's crafting to do and items to upgrade; there are four races to pick from and three character classes; and there's single-player content to compliment the multiplayer and PVP guff.

There are no monthly subscriptions and Mythos will be free to download - presumably micro-transactions are where the money is made. Free regular and "extensive" game updates are promised.