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Mythos developer becomes Runic Games

Rat-punchers from a sinking Flagship.

The development team behind ill-fated free MMO Mythos has re-emerged as Runic Games, promising to put its "expertise in the Action-RPG MMO genre" to use once again in the creation of "the best games in this market".

Runic is the "reformation" of the former Flagship Studios Seattle team, which was shut down recently, and is headed up by former Flagship duo Travis Baldree and Max Schaefer, both of whom held influential roles on Mythos.

Project announcements "will be made in the coming days" according to a brief statement on www.runicgames.com.

Last week, Asian publisher T3 Entertainment revealed that it has snapped up Flagship's former projects Hellgate: London and Mythos by way of a job advert seeking "creative minds to passionately continue development", with talk of a studio having been established in San Francisco to get things moving again.