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MW2 to be best-selling game of all time

That's Activision's plan, anyway.

Activision exec Simon Wells is planning to make Modern Warfare 2 "the biggest-selling videogame of all time".

The game is out on 10th November so it will be competing in the tough Christmas market, and going up against top "entertainment propositions" such as X-Factor and Harry Potter

But Wells told MCV, "We want to propel this year's title to be the biggest selling videogame of all time. That may raise some eyebrows, but step back and look at the franchise's trajectory through preceding launches, and this objective starts to look viable."

Modern Warfare could be "the No.1 entertainment property of the year", according to Wells.

"The reality for a franchise as large as Call of Duty is that we are competing directly with entertainment propositions outside of the videogame space," he said.