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MW2 "controversial for the sake of it"

BBC Radio 4 discusses Activision's game.

BBC reporter Marc Cieslak has told Radio 4 that he was "saddened" after playing Modern Warfare 2 as it disproved his belief that the games industry had "grown up".

Host Justin Webb lead the discussion on Modern Warfare 2, which was introduced as "not just any videogame", before a soundbite of the infamous airport scene - in which players are asked to shoot unarmed civilians - was played (filmed in HD for Eurogamer TV - spoilers within).

"Oh not at all," responded Cieslak when asked if he'd been "damaged" by Modern Warfare 2. "I've played an awful lot of games and watched an awful lot of movies.

"I wasn't shocked by it but I felt a little bit saddened. I thought the games industry had moved beyond shock tactics for shock tactics sake And that's what I thought about this level: it's controversial for the sake of being controversial. I didn't think it necessarily needed to be included in the game."

Cieslak said he found it "unusual" that "it didn't occur to [Activision]" that Modern Warfare 2 might cause this level of controversy when the company was making the game. Justin Webb quipped that "perhaps it did".

Modern Warfare 2 goes on general release today.

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