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Moss: Book 2 launches later this month

Squeaks in before April.

PlayStation VR sequel Moss: Book 2 will arrive on 31st March.

Developer Polyarc unveiled the release date today, and shared a fresh gameplay trailer.

This follow-up to the original acclaimed adventure continues the story of adorable mouse Quill, and picks up right where the first game left off. Expect more puzzles and scrapes for our mousy hero.

Cover image for YouTube videoMoss: Book II - New Weapon & Enemies Gameplay | PS Underground

The original Moss eventually found its way to PC-based VR platforms - though there's no word on those for the follow-up just yet.

I chatted with Bungie and BioWare veteran Joshua Stiksma, design director on Moss: Book 2, about the project after it was announced back in the summer.

"Our structure works well for a linear story, but that doesn't mean our geography has to be completely linear," Stiksma said of the sequel. "There's going to be more opportunities to go off the path - this is about expanding the world, the journey with Quill but also the story of these environments, why they're like they are."