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Monster Hunter PSP demo next week

Co-op enabled, here on Thursday.

Capcom has announced that the PSP demo of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be available next Thursday, 28th May.

We knew a sampler was on the way after Sony outlined a major Monster Hunter push for Europe when speaking at Captivate in April. The aim: to make the series as wildly successful here as it is in Japan, where the PSP gives the DS a run for its money.

You'll be able to download the demo directly to PSP for free, or through the PS3 and then transfer the file across. The sampler offers a slice of monster hunting, either solo, or with up to three friends online.

Capcom's even giving away demo UMDs to people who register on the Monster Hunter encyclopaedia site. Capcom and Japanese Monster Hunter fans put this site together to help us Europeans feel less intimidated by the game. If successful, you'll get four UMDs.

Monster Hunter does what it says on the tin: hunt monsters for better loot to enable bigger monsters to be taken on. Eventually, however, friends will need to be called in to help topple the biggest and most spectacular creatures.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite launches exclusively for PSP on 26th June.