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MOH Vanguard for PS2, Wii

The Second World Wii.

EA knows what we want is more war, more war in our cereal and more war on our toast. This is why its announced the development of Medal of Honor Vanguard for the Wii and PS2.

The game is due for release in March 2007 and will build on the franchise's sterling reputation for historical accuracy and authenticity, as well as introducing a new "heroic" storyline. Hopefully it will not build on the franchise's recent reputation for not being any good except in that one PC game the name of which we can't remember.

Anyway, in Vanguard you will hop into Corporal Frank Keegan's responsible boots as his 82nd Airbourne Division gets dropped off behind enemy lines, enjoying spectacular graphics and intense combat gameplay throughout.

"Medal of Honor Vanguard features a strong storyline told in classic MOH fashion," EALA Senior Producer Matt Sentell is keen to point out, adding, "We are really excited to offer this game both on the PS2 and Wii, which will allow fans to experience MOH in a completely new way."

The developers seem keen to get to grips with the Wii's "one-of-a-kind controllers", as they promise to use them to their full effect, offering a fresh approach to this familiar series.

Previously announced Medal of Honor: Airbourne wasn't confirmed for Nintendo's newest console. Hopefully this will mean EA are planning on delivering a specifically tailored and unique experience, rather than fueling concerns that the company are happy to simply churn-out titles for it alongside the ageing PS2. Although we doubt that, because let's face it this is it and boo hoo if you don't like it.

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