Medal of Honor Vanguard

Medal of Honor Vanguard

Medal of Honor Vanguard

Here Wii go again.

It's Friday, you've just been paid and you want a new game for your Wii. We know, we understand; it's been a bit barren for the last couple of months, after all. So for the benefit of those popping in to see if we've reviewed MOH on the Wii before heading down to their local game emporium, here's the executive summary:

Don't bother. It's crap.

Got a couple more minutes on your hands? Allow us to explain.

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Medal of Honor: Vanguard

001st Airborne's Division.

EA sure is trying its darndest to get us all fired up about Medal of Honor: Airborne, and with good reason. Parachutes have routinely proved themselves to be the most fun ever when they appear in games, and the idea of them being the focus of one gets us giddy. We can't wait to be part of one of those dramatic WW2 airdrops that movies love recreating, dropping through a sky heavy with planes and flak fire and bright with searchlights and tracer rounds. And the chance to choose exactly where you land in a freeform level that dynamically adapts to your location and plays different every time? Just superb. And then you've got the whole thing topped off with the ability to customize your weapons, just like real GIs did. So that's all well and good for the gamers who've fork(lift)ed over the cash for a PS3 or 360 or have a top-notch PC, but what about everybody else?

MOH Vanguard for PS2, Wii

The Second World Wii.

EA knows what we want is more war, more war in our cereal and more war on our toast. This is why its announced the development of Medal of Honor Vanguard for the Wii and PS2.