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Modern Warfare 2's ping is quietly disabled following "wallhack" woes

"This needs to get fixed ASAP otherwise it’ll become rampant."

Modern Warfare 2's ping system has seemingly been disabled in an attempt to control "wall-hack" cheaters.

Within hours of reports that a ping bug on your death screen could let you track a single player for the rest of the game surfaced, developer Infinity Ward quietly disabled the ping system.

Digital Foundry dug deep into the beta to get some performance comparisons.Watch on YouTube

"Huge Bug: You can Ping an enemy during the death screen and the Ping lasts for the whole game, essentially giving you wallhacks on that one player for the remainder of the game," reported u/zFStatic.

"Bruh this is a huge bug," confirmed another player. "I swear I noticed people tracking me through walls but I didn’t want it be 'that guy' so I chalked [to] up to coincidence. This needs to get fixed ASAP otherwise it’ll become rampant."

"I thought I was going crazy," opined another. "F*ckers keep prefiring the exact corner I'm hiding in, but don't bother checking any corners as they run straight to me."

There's been no official word from developer Infinity Ward that the ping has been disabled nor any word on when it may be reinstated, but for now, it looks as though the ping system is only available in private matches. We'll keep you posted as and when that changes, of course.

ICYMI, this year's Call of Duty is enjoying a staggered release, with the campaign being made available to all those who've pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 a week ahead of the full release yesterday (28th October). And as campaigns go it's possibly as big and bold as Call of Duty - a series that's not exactly renowned for being reserved - gets. Is it any good, though? Find out more about what Wes and Martin think so far…

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