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Modern Warfare 2 trailer and shots

Story and Special Forces stuff glimpsed.

As promised, Activision has released a two-minute gameplay trailer for Modern Warfare 2, which is due out on 10th November.

Earlier in the month Game Informer reported details on the game's story and new co-op Special Forces mode, but this is our first chance to put those details in proper context.

The trailer, which appeared on US TV over the Memorial Day weekend, jumps back and forth between various scenarios, including an airport shootout, street battles, sunny Rio and an assault on a snowy mountaintop fortress.

There's also some underwater action, snowmobiles, a one-armed man and lots of flash cuts to other things that fans will no doubt mine for further hints about what's in store. Antagonist Makarov broods over the top about how "revenge is like a ghost", among other things.

Activision also released three screenshots showing a couple of scenes from the single-player campaign and - to judge by its placement in the recent Game Informer piece - our first glimpse of the Special Forces mode.

The latter mode is a selection of co-operative missions divorced from the usual difficulty curve, and the shot in question is the purply locker room effort. Infinity Ward has yet to say whether Special Forces will be playable online.

The developer is also keeping quiet about multiplayer in general, but it was such a huge part of the first Modern Warfare's success - not to mention Call of Duty: World at War's - that we'd expect to hear more sooner rather than later.

The full game is due out on 10th November for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.