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Modder discovers PS1 emulator hidden inside MediEvil PS4

But don't get your hopes up.

It turns out the MediEvil PlayStation 4 remake has a PSone emulator hidden inside - although it doesn't do much.

Intrepid video game modder Lance McDonald - of P.T. discoveries fame - took to Twitter to reveal the find, but also to confirm the only thing this emulator is good for is running the original PSone version of MediEvil.

The PS4 remake of MediEvil lets you unlock the original PSone game, as a fun Easter egg for fans, really (you have to complete all 19 souls challenges). But does this emulator mean you can play other PSone games on PS4? Unfortunately, no.

As McDonald shows, other games, such as Silent Hill, are pretty much broken using this MediEvil emulator.

"Syphon Filter doesn't even get past the 989 Studios logo," McDonald continues. "Wild Arms gets to the main menu but no further. Seems like a bust to me. I had to patch some breakpoints out of the emulator to even get Silent Hill as far as you saw above. I'm not really gonna look any closer at it."

Cover image for YouTube videoMedievil Remake Gameplay - PS4 Opening

A bust, then. But the find does bring to mind the PS4's lack of backwards compatibility via software emulation. The PlayStation 3 has a software emulator, which means you can put in any disc and it works. But the PS4 drive doesn't support CDs, so Sony's latest console can't do it.

Thoughts naturally turn to the upcoming PS5. Will Sony enable full backwards compatibility with PSone, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games on that console? Hopefully we'll find out soon.