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MMO shooter Survarium launches via Steam Early Access this week

Free-to-play survival from former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. team.

Post-apocalyptic shooter Survarium become available to download via Steam Early Access this Thursday, 2nd April at 8pm UK time.

Survarium is designed as a free-to-play experience, but three limited edition starter packs will also be made available for sale.

The game is a long way from being complete. The current build only offers a simple PVP experience - the more robust Co-op and PVE Freeplay modes are still in development.

Developer Vostok Games has set out a monthly update plan based around feedback from the community, but it sounds like those other modes are still a way off.

In fact, the game's Early Access edition sounds like it will be similar to the open beta we played back in January, which Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead largely enjoyed.

"Even if Survarium were only ever going to be an online shooter, this beta is promising enough that I'd be looking forward to it," he wrote. "Knowing that it will be just one part of a larger experience, with all the sandbox survival gameplay that Stalker fans will want, makes it even more enticing."

But as a free download there's no harm in trying the game later this week - even if it might take until Survarium's meatier 30 players versus the environment Freeplay mode for things to really get interesting.

Cover image for YouTube videoSurvarium European (PvP Mode) Open Beta Trailer