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Minnie Driver voicing Lara

Star of Croft-based animation.

Minnie Driver will voice Lara Croft in a new ten part animation celebrating a decade of the iconic heroine.

The series will debut on North American and Canadian download service GameTap on 10th July. But unfortunately Eidos was unsure whether it will appear in Europe, and we're waiting to hear back from across the pond for any clues - probably because they're all in bed.

This Tomb Raider-focused season of ReVisioned will offer a different artist's interpretation of the Tomb Raider franchise each week, ending 23rd August. GameTap will also host a documentary about the well known series and leading lady.

Eidos recently revamped the first ever Tomb Raider game with today's technology to celebrate 10, well, 11 years in the life of Lara. And what a good move it turned out to be, earning itself a big sloppy hug and a kiss from yours truly for its efforts.

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