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Minecraft's one-click Twitch integration is now live

On PC and Mac anyway.

Minecraft developer Mojang has released a new update allowing Twitch integration with the touch of a button.

That button is F6 by default, but to set up the process you'll first need to link a Twitch account to your Mojang account - which can be done in your Mojang account settings. As detailed on the Twitch Blog, you'll then have to open up your Minecraft launcher, select "New Profile" and select "Enable experimental development snapshots."

Once that's squared away you can check your streaming quality settings in the Options menu under Broadcast Options. You can also remap the livestream button if for whatever reason you don't like F6.

The one-click Twitch integration requires Windows (XP or higher) or the OS X Lion (10.7 or higher). "It may be a little buggy," Mojang warned in its announcement. "We're not finished with all the features yet, but hopefully it'll be enough for you to play with and give feedback on!"

See the new feature in action below as YouTube user Seth Bling helps Mojang's Nathan Adams test it out.

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