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Minecraft will change forever with addition of flying cape

Soar point?

Sandbox phenomenon Minecraft will soon add a flying cape, allowing players to soar around their worlds.

The cape will first appear in the game's next PC update, and must be found rather than crafted.

When found, the new flying cape will replace any already-equipped cape on PC.

Capes have yet to be added to Minecraft on console.

You can already fly in the game's Creative mode, where mobs are turned off and you have an unlimited palette of tools.

But the cape looks like it will add a more realistic flying experience, allowing you to dive down and swoop up. It's all very majestic.

More importantly, it should aid exploration in the increasingly-complex worlds generated by Minecraft's procedural engine.

Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten described the new feature as "dramatic" and shared a gif of the action via Twitter.