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Minecraft Pocket out on Xperia Play

An Android exclusive, costs $6.99 / £4.26.

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play phone has secured the timed (Android) exclusive to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft.

It's out today and costs $6.99 or £4.26.

When other Android devices will receive the game Eurogamer is waiting to hear back.

Sony Ericsson claims the build-anything-using-blocks game has been "fully optimised" for the Xperia Play and will not be fired out and forgotten about.

"The Pocket Edition of Minecraft will be updated regularly with new features," declared Sony Ericsson. "[Minecraft developer] Mojang have stated it is treating game development as a service; ensuring players always have the best possible gaming experience."

The Pocket Edition apparently captures "the core features and gameplay of the PC version in beta".

An iOS version of Minecraft is still part of the plan (as is an Xbox Live Arcade version).

Minecraft has been an incredible success on PC. And it hasn't even launched yet. There are more than 11 million registered users; 3 million of which have paid €10 or upwards for the game.

The full launch of Minecraft is scheduled for 18th November at Minecon - the inaugural official convention for the game hosted in Las Vegas.