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Minecraft console editions get free Pilotwings-style mini-game

Winging it.

Minecraft's various console versions are getting Glide, a new free mini-game.

As with other mini-game additions, Glide itself comes free and in the future will be expanded via both free and paid map packs.

Glide centres on the newly-released Elytra item - a set of wings which allow you to glide through the air. In Minecraft's survival mode, Elytra are rare - so Glide is a good place to try them out.

Footage of the mode shows Pilotwings-style aerial rings to soar through, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild-style updrafts from fire to keep you afloat. There are maps themed around monsters, and set in various biomes.

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Glide gets added to Minecraft's various console versions from tomorrow, 28th March.

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