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Minecraft 1.9 introduces Snow Golems

Friendly mobs help against Endermen.

Following on from the release of version 1.8 of Minecraft, Mojang's Notch has detailed one of version 1.9's big new features: friendly Snow Golems.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Notch revealed that the Snow Golems would be a friendly mob, throwing snowballs at enemies.

Being made of snow, the new mob will also leave snow in their wake - and should they find themselves in a hot biome, they'll melt. Better have Aled Jones on standby should that happen.

"The snowmen are ridiculously suicidal," said Notch, "throwing snowballs at creepers and spiders, annoying them to attack the snowmen."

Version 1.9 of Minecraft will bring us one update closer to the full version of the indie phenomenon, which is due to launch this November.